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 "Tear up the competition not your tires"  


Announcing the complete Super Tires 1400R series

All five new sizes of the popular 1400R series of silicone and Yellowdog urethane Super Tires

with rounded sidewalls are now available at your favorite distributors and dealers.

The tires fit Super Wheels 1508 and 1710 wheels as well as CB Design and Slot.it wheels.




 If You've Haven't Tried Super Tires, Now's The Time.

Email nick@supertires.com for tire prices and availability.


   Classic Silicone & Yellow Dog (Urethane) Racing Tires 

Aerospace state of the art material

10 times the tear factor of other rear racing tires.

Different profiles allow for minimum air gap under the car chassis.

 "All Super Tire Products are made with Pride in the U.S.A." 



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